Getting Sponsorships for Amateur Cycling Races

Most people imagine that sponsorships and partnerships with big companies are the exclusive preserve of professional races. But did you know that you can get big-time sponsorships for amateur cycling races in your community?Some tips for making this happen include the following:

Champion a Good Cause

If you want people to take an interest in your race, you should choose a good cause to champion. Think about some of the issues affecting your community, then organise a cycling race to raise awareness about it. It can be to protect the environment, to buy bicycles for the poor, or any other noble cause. You should then approach potential sponsors and tell them how the race will help the community and its residents.

Make a Tight Proposal

When you are writing up a proposal for amateur cycling races that you want to present to a potential sponsor, you should make sure to explain how the latter would benefit from a sponsorship. Do not make the proposal about yourself or the race. Rather, make it about how you and the sponsor can mutually benefit by holding the event.

Involve the Community

It is always easier to get a sponsor on board if you involve the entire community. If the event is an amateur cycling competition, you can invite as many cyclists as possible with a view to getting them interested. You can then leverage this large number of participants to convince potential backers that the event is worth sponsoring. Be sure to use members of the community to help promote the event.

Try Partnerships

Ask local celebrities and renowned cyclists to take part in the race. This will increase the number of people who are likely to attend the event. It will also encourage companies that like to be associated with high-profile events to get in on the action.