Challenges that Amateur Cyclists Face During Races

In any activity, challenges are inevitable at some point. For amateur cyclists, they come in different ways. Amateur cycling cannot be compared to pro cycling regarding riding style and bike prowess. The following are some of the challenges faced in amateur cycling:


Amateur cyclists are sometimes unfamiliar with different terrains. They end up getting accidents which may cause serious injuries such as broken bones. This can happen when cyclists usually lose control of their bikes and end up in pieces.

Getting a Good Bike

Racing requires a bike that is of high quality and can withstand the vigorous outdoor activity for extended periods of time. Before amateurs identify themselves with a good bike supplier, they must look hard, since there is a lack of local availability of such bikes. Most cyclists go for online buying to get bicycles with the desired features. They find the available bikes near them weak and unable to service them for long stretches of time.

Road Safety Challenges

The recklessness of road drivers usually causes challenges. Although there exist road lights for cyclists, most drivers end up ignoring them. It poses a safety challenge to riders, since this ignorance increases their chances of getting involved in accidents. Most drivers’ perception is that cyclists should not be found on roads and it could be why they do not mind them.

Poor Road Conditions

Some roads have general poor maintenance. They become risky to ride in for an amateur cyclist. Such roads are characterized with many potholes and a lot of litter. The potholes are at times filled with water, making them invisible to the cyclist. These conditions increase the rate of getting accidents. Other roads have poor parking plans, even having double-parked vehicles. It becomes challenging to ride along such roads.

Riders Security Challenges

Cyclists can easily get robbed while going on with their cycling. A group of criminals can emerge from a cycling route and rob the cyclists’ belongings, including the bikes. Others may come across wild animals that can become violent and attack them. For amateur cyclists, this is a common challenge, even if they are familiar with most routes.

Positioning Challenges

When an amateur cyclist does not know how to adjust their seat position, they get a general positioning problem. This problem may have serious consequences, as it poses health problems such as knee pain and back pain. This problem can be alleviated by putting the seat in the right position.

Bad Weather

The weather may sometimes be unfavorable. The sun may be scorching for one to keep peddling their bikes, or the weather may be cold and misty, preventing cyclists from having a clear vision of what is ahead of them. Such conditions may make it almost impossible for an amateur cyclist to keep on racing.

Poor Preparation

Cycling requires thorough preparation. It helps in identifying critical aspects of a race. An amateur cyclist may not get proper preparation due to various limitations. A cycling race, therefore, becomes challenging, and may lack a good consistency of the ride. The poor preparation may be as a result of low expectations from the races.

Amateur cycling happens throughout in an attempt to raise professional cyclists and also create awareness in some areas. The challenges that come along may be gross or simple. How a cyclist decides to go about them is what define their cycling experience.