Amazing Races to Participate in as an Amateur Cyclist

Cycling is fantastic when you understand how to find the thrill of it. There are those that do it as professionals while others are amateurs. Professionals compete in different categories. On the other hand, amateurs do it for personal satisfaction. The following are some of the fantastic races an amateur can participate in:

L’Etape Australia

It is set like the Tour de France to give riders an experience similar to the stages in this race. Amateurs enjoy certain privileges from participating in L’Etape Australia. They get the chance to wear the respected yellow jersey once they win. Riders below 26 years old are also rewarded with white jerseys. It also offers participants the option to ride as individuals or as groups with a minimum of five cyclists. The race has a long distance of 170 km and a short distance of 108 km. Riders choose the distance they can comfortably participate in.

Bowral Classic

This amateur race has won several awards such as the Best Community Event Award. Winning this award has made it come on strong in 2018 with the energy of a bullet. The event has new features such as a Saturday Team Trial Event. It also has better scenic courses to make it more exciting. The race covers different distances, and each rider chooses one that suits them. There is a 175 km race which is the longest and is called a maxi classic. Riders who look for more significant challenges can join this trial. A 120 km challenge classic follows it. This one is suitable for riders who want to be challenged, but they have limited time. The last one is a 35 km social classic. This race is ideal for a casual experience, allowing riders to stop over in wineries and local cafes. There is a new race which is 95 km long in Bowral Classic race to add the variety to the participants of 2018.

Port to Port MTB

It is a fitness race that welcomes everyone to participate in. It stretches in 195 km to ride and 2000 m to climb. The race takes place on private land on the dates it takes place, and after it is over, the land gets closed. The terrain of each stage makes this race different each day since none is similar to the other. Port to Port gives the amateur riders a challenging and yet fun experience.

Spring Cycle

The race offers four distances to choose from. There is a 10 km city ride. It is the shortest followed by the River Ride race which is 18 km. There is a 50 km classic ride and a 105 km challenge ride. This race focuses on offering the best views of Sydney. These are unique views that one can only access by a car such as the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Participants get free transport to and forth to make their race more successful. The organisers of this event work hard to make sure it improves year after year. They would partner with big companies to make sure they give more prominent and better event each year to the participants.

Amateur cyclists have a long list of events they can choose to participate in. These events happen at different times every year. Thus, an amateur rider has an opportunity to pick one that favours their time schedule.