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Welcome to the amateur cycling page. On this page, we bring cycling to your doorstep to offer an experience like never before. We bring you information from the Union Cyclist Internationale on events and changes that are happening in the cycling world.

Here, you will find the most fantastic amateur cycling races you can take part in. In case you are wondering how, we are going to provide you with in-depth details on how to register and buy tickets for each event. Each race has a purpose, and we will explain their themes every year. They also come with added features in every season to make them more enjoyable to their fans. None of these details will be left out.

Amateur cyclists are faced with several challenges during their races. We are going to put these challenges on this page. Understanding these challenges will help aspiring cyclists to be prepared. Using our advice, they can devise ways of overcoming obstacles and also learn from the process. Such knowledge forms a good training ground for both cyclists and trainers.

There is, of course, the winning aspect of amateur cycling, and each cyclist wants to wear a champion’s jersey someday. On this page, we are going to give you tips on how you can successfully participate in these races. The tips include the things to avoid and things to put weight on. These tips are also a motivation for cyclists who feel stuck at one point in their cycling career. They add value to anyone seeking cycling knowledge too.

Also, we make cycling even better by showing you ways in which you can make money from amateur cycling. It is possible to make considerable amounts from cycling. To make the processes even better, we not only highlight them,  but also give you important details of what you should know about making money. It can be fulfilling knowing you can earn extra money from what seems nearly impossible.

We are also going to give you information on the best routes you can take as an amateur cyclist, which helps in improving your safety and general experience. A good path creates confidence in a cyclist, as well as, improving their skill level. Every cyclist needs a route that is free from distractions. We provide you with these routes to make sure you get the best from cycling.

For any enquiries regarding amateur cycling, you can reach us on our contact page, and we shall get back to you as soon as possible. We also appreciate positive criticism to help us improve the type of services we offer to you. If there is a contribution you would like to make with us, do not hesitate to reach out to us too.

We aim to make cycling the most desired and important sporting activity. We can only achieve this by keeping on par with what is happening around the sport. We are a neutral page that does not incline on one side, and we treat all races with respect. Whether it is a day’s race or a week’s race, we give each event our maximum attention.

Come and join us as we promote cycling from an amateur level. Through these efforts, we can raise unseen champions who only need a little surge to keep them moving. Therefore, we create a win-win situation in the cycling world.